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Good morning and welcome once again to my website. Some of you are probably already familiar with its content and some not. For example I will offer you today some Kristen Bell nude pictures to watch so enjoy.

I think we all have watched Lost, right? You probably wonder what the hell this woman has to do with that show, don’t you? Well don’t, because that’s not how it is and if you let me explain myself in the next two minutes then it is all going to be alright.

She was captured half nude in some caves and I can bet that the one she was exposing at looks just like that one in Lost episode one when Jack found the source of water. Yeah, you should remember that episode. I can’t tell where exactly this photo shoot was made but one thing for sure is that it was on some island. I just can’t image a cave being somewhere else. 

Let’s now see what is going on in that caves and what Kristen is doing. It looks like she is going to piss right about know because all I can see is a hot woman pulling down her pants and bends a bit to the ground. Now tell me, how does it look like? It tells me that she was with her friends there and then she is like “I will go and check something in that cave” That’s funny though. Anyway, I think if I had another photos from this photo session I would have Kristen Bell naked capture because if she is stripping out on the first one already, I can imagine what is on the last one.


Hey fellows, how’s it going? I hope you are hungry enough to eat some very tasty and hot woman because that’s exactly what I will offer you to do in about a few seconds. For those that didn’t get it yet I am going to have to say in other words. Right now, you can expect to see Amber Heard nude pictures and not just that.

Before checking out her sexy body parts and sort of things like that, here is a quote by her. “As many roles as I get to do, like the pretty girl, the prom queen; I like to choose other ones regardless of how much they pay.” It is not surprising we why she likes playing all those chicks. Simply because they are very easy to play.

I think it is about time to discuss her sexy body and all those goodies she has. So let’s get busy a bit with that.

First of all, she is blond and I like those women a lot. You might say this sounds a bit banal but that’s what it is. I don’t feel like falling in love with brunette or something. They are so hairy in most cases and this is something not every man likes. She is taking care of her hairs pretty well and you can see that by watching her photos or snapshots from movies. By the way, we will talk about where you can see Amber Heard naked a little bit later. And now, let’s move to something that makes every man’s heart beats faster.

I was talking about her boobs. Oh, yeah. I don’t think they are big enough even for a guy like me, but one thing for sure is that they are natural and there are no signs of plastic surgery. But honestly, I like their size. It really suits me. 

Did you know that her height is 5’8? Pretty tall, huh? Well, if a guy wants to be her boyfriend I guess he should be at least 6 feet. If you are not at that height, it means you have no chances she will notice you. Grow up and then come back. 

She is 24 years old and just look how hot and young she is. Actually, that is what all women should be at that age, but she is a lot better I would say. 

Her belly is a bit curvy and that makes me think she doesn’t like doing exercises at all. Come on girl, start doing that already. Of course being curvy is great, but being athletic is ten times better, believe me.

Now let’s talk about her ass. She has got the most gorgeous and incredible ass I have met for this whole week. No kidding as that’s what I feel. Oh man, you should have seen her pictures in bikinis. What an ass there. I bet if you saw her ass in reality, you tool would start rising momentarily and there would be nothing you could do.

After all this stuff right there I want you to know some major movies featuring Amber Heard nude in them. If you are pretty comfortable with those pictures you see around this website, that’s ok with me. But some of you might to know more and that’s exactly why I have got all these movies below. To suit you better I will put a short description to each of those films so that you knew whether you should watch it or not. It would be sort of like a preview, but only written in words.

First up is one of my favorite movies when I was back in high school. It is Alpha Dog. That film is just amazing and every time I watch it, my heart starts to beat faster in some scene especially with Amber. For example, there is this naked scene in pool and we can see her swimming absolutely naked. Of course we won’t see her pussy or ass, but sometimes you will definitely notice her boobs. I think that moment is one of my favorite.

The other movie that I haven’t watched is called Friday Night Lights. I am not sure if that’s even a movie but it seems that one sex scene of her and the other guy make us think it is real film. Here, you can count of watching Amber Heard nude and with her tits exposed pretty well. But the problem is that those shots are really quick so you will have to watch it in slow motion and rewind all the time. Yeah, I know it is hard, but it is worth to do.

I hope that some of you, at least fifty percent, have enjoyed with this review and if you haven’t masturbated yet on any of those pics above, then please do that.


Do you have any idea about how the hell it is possible for ESPN sport reporter Shakira to be that popular in the whole world? I think I have an explanation. She is gorgeous, sexy, athletic, smart and she is always on television. What else people need to see, right… Well, maybe we need some Shakira nude pictures to check but not more than that. Who would thought that this reporter become a sex symbol for many people. When she is translating her report and watch straight to the camera she knows that right now there are millions of men behind the screen seating and discussing her. Also she knows that many of them are dreaming about having sex with her or at least they imagine Shakira naked. That’s why she is smiling often during some report. Honestly, I was watching some news the other day and I think I saw her winking at me… Maybe it was something I really wanted her to do at that time but that’s what I saw and there is nothing to add.

By the way I think this quote from her will be e apropos. “I personally think that a lot of guys would like to see me in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and I’d love to wear it.” Well, here is something you are wrong Shakira. Despite the fact that she has got the most amazing ass I have ever seen and it is obvious wearing jeans would probably underlined her butt however I don’t think this is how it is. Most people would like to see Shakira nude standing with mike and reporting some news to us… By the way if that happened nobody even cared about what she was saying…

She is 32 years old but we have to say she looks much younger. Honestly I though she is something between 26 and 28. Do you know what her secret is? She works on her body in order to be in a good shape as performing in front millions is quite a responsibility. If she gains extra weight that will be noticeable and for some people (about 90 percent) the main thing is the way she looks. Almost all men watch ESPN because of her and when she finishes the story we change the channel. I wish there were nude news with Shakira naked on it. This is kind of unreal or something but that’s what I dream of. 

She said one day that she hasn’t played any sport so far. This is kind of weird because I thought she has that gorgeous body shape thanks to paying volleyball or basketball in high school. But I guess I was wrong… In either way, being 5’10 is pretty much for a woman, especially for that one that wasn’t doing sports. Maybe her parents are tall or other relatives?

Now let’s take a look at Shakira nude picture and try to discuss what kind of goodies she has. First of all, we have to mention that her ass seems to be very athletic and smooth. This is a result of hard work and tons of sweat in gym. I don’t see any other options here. 

The next part would be Shakira boobs and their pretty big nipples. She has got natural tits and I don’t think she needs any kind of plastic surgery so far. I hope she won’t do that ever and this is what I suggest you as well. Don’t do plastic surgeries if only you ain’t got any other option. This is something that I don’t want anyone be involved. Take a look at Shakira naked photos… she looks terrific without any surgery… pure and natural beauty is ten times better and more precious than manmade one.

You know what makes me become exciting when I watch her news? It is when she hold mike right between her big tits reminding me a part of any porn. But only there is other thing instead of mike if you follow me. Try to imagine this next time and I promise you this is going to be fun.

Anyway, I hope this review didn’t harm you much… just kidding though. Please enjoy your stay here and don’t forget to check Shakira nude photos below.